10 Tips and Tricks to climbing the Ranked Ladders

Here are 10 Tips and strategies for helping players climb out of low elo divisions, brought to you by league of tips:

1. Help Build a well-rounded team composition 


  • If you can play multiple champions try and pick the champion that best suits your team compositions needs. For example, if your team composition lacks crowd control pick a champion that can provide stuns and slows. If your team composition lacks a heavy tank and you are top lane then fill that role and bring out a Maokai or Cho’gath (Patch 7.15). Some of my greatest success climbing in ranked has come from picking a tanky top laner or Jungler as I believe tanks are necessary for teams to win late game fights.


2. Learn how to be an effective shot caller.

  • One of the things most solo queue games lack is an effective shot caller. League of legends is an objective based game if you can learn to be a leader and make confident objective calls your win rate will begin to sky rocket. For example, if you see top lane is getting ganked call for your team to start the dragon. Call for lane rotations in the late game, and neutral objectives such as dragons, barons and buffs to be taken.


3. Always try an early invade

  • In the pre-game lobby always try an early game invade with your team. In low elo it is very easy to catch an opponent not paying full attention in the enemy jungle. I have gotten first blood with my team many times, giving us an early advantage thanks to pre-game organization. Having a champion with early crowd control or pulls vastly increases the likelihood of getting a kill.


4. Use wards effectively and always purchase control wards

  • If you have ever watched competitive league of legends you’ll always hear a lot of talk about vision control. Wards give valuable information that can keep yourself alive and better aid your team. If you push your lane to the tower, go into the enemy jungle and place wards down so you can determine the location of the enemy jungle. This will help protect yourself in lane and help your team by tracking the enemy jungle which in turn can help you get neutral objectives such as rift herald, dragons and stealing enemy buffs


5. Play Offensive Champions in low divisions

  • When playing lower divisions such as Bronze and Silver try and play bully low skill champions. Champions that stand out are Top Lane: Garen/Darius Mid Lane: Annie/Malzahar ADC: Caitlyn/Ashe Support: Blitzcrank/Thresh Jungle: Xin Zhao/Maokai


6. Play Defensive Champions in higher divisions

  • Once you’re out of the lower divisions and start getting into your “true division” such as Gold/Platinum the games can suddenly become considerably harder. When tackling the higher divisions, it is best to switch from an offensive champion to a defensive one. This change will naturally make you play more defensive and allow the better players on your team to take over and carry the game.

Defensive champions are a lot harder to kill than offensive ones, and this will allow you to stay alive longer in game. In addition to this, most defensive tank champions are usually full of crowd control abilities such as stuns, slows and fears. Using these in team fights are an excellent way to increase your chances of winning by supporting your other teammates. Champions that come to mind Top Lane: Maokai, Cho’Gath, Malphite Mid Lane: Galio, Orianna, Jungle: Sejaunni, Maokai, Support: Thresh, Braum, Taum Kench


7. Pings are effective use them efficiently

  • When playing a fast-paced League of Legends game it can sometimes be hard to tell your teammates what to do. To solve this problem, you’re going to have to learn how to use smart pings. Pinging is a great way to inform your team without having to type anything out. Most of the time the pings will be self-explanatory if used correctly.

With these pings, you can tell your teammates which enemy to focus on, which objective to take, or what to look out for. When playing with complete strangers, communication is key to win. It might take a bit of time to get used to pinging objectives but you’ll soon see a huge difference in your games. Communicate with your jungler if you are in a losing lane and make him aware that you need a gank. Also ping when your laning opponent is missing or if you have the enemy jungler’s location.


8. Accept that you make mistakes and learn from them

  • Know that every death is your fault in some way. This is rampant in low elo, and people blame others for their deaths. The biggest way I would say that I improved myself was I asked myself every time after I died, what went wrong, why did I die, and what can I do differently next time. Focusing on YOUR mistakes is the best way to improve. Don’t point out or get angry at others mistakes, as this will lead to arguments and a negative mindset


9. Play scaling champions

  • This is why also I just recommend to never play early game champs like Shaco or Lee Sin (just don’t play Lee in low elo, period), since teams in low elo struggle with ending games properly, and teams will outscale frequently. If you have a team of Pantheon, Elise, Zed, Tristana and Sona vs a team of Nasus, Amuumu, Karthus, Jinx, and Braum, the 2nd team will out scale the other team and even if they’re ahead by a good amount, they will likely lose just due to out scaling.

You will get better at ending games as you rise, but in low elo teams often just struggle to know what to do after they ace a team, and it can lead to some throws. Good examples of scaling champions are Jinx, Tristana, Viktor, Orianna, Nasus, Sejuanni, Swain, or Maokai. Play these champions, and you likely will have more comebacks and will win more often.


10. Do surprise barons and dragons

  • Low elo is bad about keeping objectives warded. Now, if it’s past 25 minutes, buy a pink and see if baron is warded. If not, try to convince your team to go for baron. You’d be surprised how often it works, and how often games can swing just by sneaking a baron. Once I figured this out, this alone almost got me out of bronze. Baron is incredibly useful, and if you sneak it you will win some games you might not have won otherwise.


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