5 Tips for Supporting in League of Legends!

Supporting is the most underestimated roles in league of legends. I’m gonna give you some tips on how you can increase your usefulness to your ADC and your team in general: 1. Stare at your mini-map. Usually when people support they just sit back heal, throw some wards down, and maybe harass a bit. I…

Top is my lane

5 Of The Biggest Tips For Top Lane!

So here are 5 tips on laning top. Some people may already know this but it may be a good idea to read and refresh your thoughts anyways 1. Learn how to CS under your tower. If you are losing your lane you one of the best things to do is CS under your tower.…


Vel’Koz Champion Leaked!

Vel’Koz from the void is a leaked champion who will most likely be the first champion to enter the league in 2014! The images below display ranged attacks including laser beams: vel’koz Also I found ability descriptions: Vel’Koz Ability Details Also Vel’Koz seems to be in the background of the Creator Viktor skin background: Creator…


Wukong: Tips and Tricks!

Wukong is a very strong, slippery champion who can poke in lane without being retaliated against and can disable an entire team in a teamfight and escape! If you are unfamilier with Wukong, check out Wukong’s abilities. Wukong already has high burst but here are some tips and tricks to increase your effectiveness to the…


Teemo: Tips and Tricks!

If you Don’t know Teemo he can be one of the most annoying champions. If you are unfamiliar with him here are Teemo’s abilities. There are many different thing about Teemo you might not know that will increase your effectiveness. Here are some tips and tricks: Standing still using camouflage can be a better escape…

kadi awfiles

Kadi – Awfiles!

Kadi-Awfiles is a youtuber who posts very unique videos. Some of his videos include league of legends music videos featuring 80′s and 90′s music and movie trailers with league of legends characters! His newest video was hilarious play with elise with Indiana Jones background music. Check it out: Don’t forget to comment and share below!



I found DeviantImmortal on youtube and found his content extremely entertaining! He posts videos of fails titled “Bronze Moments” which are very funny with great editing. I can tell he puts good time and effort in his videos and I enjoy his content. Here’s a little of what he does: